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Nikki is mentioned twice as Best Actress for her role as Woman 1 in Edges!


Edges cast is mentioned as one of the Best Ensembles of 2013 by The Column!





Edges cast is mentioned as one of the Best Ensembles of 2013 by Theater Jones!




Edges is a hit! Take a look at the great reviews: 


12/14/13 - The Column

"Nikki McDonald, however, stands out as an all-around super star. She has the ability to belt her face off which in turn will melt your face off."



12/16/13 - DMagazine Front Row
"McDonald, fresh off her steamy turn as Mallory/Avril in Theatre Three’s City of
Angels... hint[s] that McDonald would make a dynamite Cathy Hyatt in Jason Robert Brown’s The Last Five Years... Somebody please make this happen"



12/16/13 - TheaterJones
"Nikki McDonald
was wonderful as the conflicted woman facing too many forks in the road simultaneously." "This is a first-class production of a very clever show."




10/30/13 - Of Mice and Men gets reviewed in The Column

"Nikki McDonald portrayed Curley’s Wife with a wily combination of youthful naivety and flirtatious minx."


10/28/13 - Rave rewiew of Nikki in
"Especially outstanding is Nikki McDonald, as the coquettish character we know only as 'Curley’s wife.'"  "The striking redhead is perfectly cast..." "McDonald’s performance wins on sheer presence."


8/19/2013 - All the Rage review in The Column!

"Nikki McDonald’s character Annabel Lee was excellent."


6/22/2013 - Here's a great view of Nikki in City of Angels from The Column:

"Nikki McDonald’s Mallory... [was] alluring and conniving in [her] role within the screenplay story."

"McDonald’s sultry alto voice was perfect for “Lost and Found”, the less than subtle song she fairly oozed while wiggling and writhing on

Stone’s bed; a very flexible young woman to be sure. Her spoiled daughter, Avril, was just as conniving in the real world.."


6/22/2013 - Nikki's mention in TheaterJone's review of City of Angels:

"Nikki McDonald, whose “entrance” is torridly sexy.."




Mallory Kingsley, "City of Angels", Theatre Three

Mallory Kingsley, Mallory Kingsley, "City of Angels", Theatre Three

1/27/2013 - Nikki gets nominated as Best Featured Actress in an Equity Musical!


1/11/2013 - Avenue Q gets mentioned as Best Musical Non-Equity and Bloody Bloody Andrew jackson gets mentioned as Best Ensemble in

The Column's Best of Theater 2012!



Mallory, "City of Angels", 

Theatre Three

                                                                              3/6/2012 -- Check out Nikki's amazing review as Kate in Avenue Q from TheaterJones.
                                                                              "Cloer is nothing short of phenomenal. She brings Kate's emotional soul to life, not to mention some pretty strong pipes."

                                                                              3/6/2012 -- Avenue Q gets a rave review from John Garcia's The Column!
                                                                              "This cast could immediately step right into the shoes of the current production running in NYC and get standing

                                                                              ovations, as they received at this sold out performance. Yes, they are all that good and very much deserved the ovation

                                                                              they received. Every cast member shines brightly when they have their moment and never once upstage or compete with

                                                                              each other. There is nothing but perfection from this cast and every one of them should be extremely proud of their work.

                                                                             Another standing ovation to each and every one of them!!"

                                                                             3/4/2012 -- Kind words from Stage Directions Blog as Kate in Avenue Q.
                                                                            "Kate Monster, voiced sweetly by Nikki Cloer, is perhaps the most genuine of the puppet characters. Cloer’s puppet voice was spot on, her face, while not distracting from her big, pink persona, was interesting to watch as the emotions of the character were played out."

1/9/2012 - - Nikki gets mentioned as Best Actress in a Leading Role for her performance as Blondie Starling in The Column’s Best of Theater 2011! Check it out!

11/28/2011 - -  Great review of Nikki's performance as Amber, in Garland Civic Theatre's Hairspray!
"Nikki Cloer is a different sort of delight as Amber, the scheming, bitchy diva of the dance show..." "Cloer is especially
charming on

a wicked little number called 'Cooties.'"

8/4/2011 - - Nikki is written about for the Diverse Arts Project blog!

                                                          Check out the reviews for Murder on the Orient Burlesque:

                                                          6/2/2011 -  Star Local News
                                                          "Nikki Cloer as Blondie Starling runs off with the majority of the comedy gold tucked into her

                                                          cleavage." "The way Blondie fuses technical know-how with Betty Boop sound effects is


                                                          6/2/2011 - - Pegasus News
                                                          "...All her female characters (even the supposedly “dumb blonde” ) are intelligent and intriguing."

Kate Monster, "Avenue Q", Musical Theatre of Denton

Kate Monster, Kate Monster, "Avenue Q", Musical Theatre of Denton

Kate Monster, "Avenue Q", Music Theatre

of Denton

Amber Von Tussle, Amber Von Tussle, "Hairspray", Garland Civic Theatre

Amber Von Tussle, "Hairspray", 
Garland Civic Theatre

Blondie, "Murder on the Orient

Burlesque", Rover DramaWerks